South African Wines

One of the Oldest Wine Regions Still Seeks Recognition.

south africa wines

The Hottentots-Holland Mountains in South Africa.

South Africa has been producing wine for almost 400 years yet is virtually unknown to the American market! So why not bring in world class wines from a beautiful country at really affordable prices?

South African wines have flown under the radar in the US for quite some time. During the apartheid era the US had sanctions against trade with South Africa. When apartheid ended and trade opened up with South Africa the US market was unaware of the vinous treasures to be found.

The wine industry in South Africa has paved the way to a new brighter future for many people in the Western Cape. Black empowerment programs, scholarship programs, conservation movements, and socioeconomic movements have been started and funded by many in the wine industry.

Here at WPW we work with South African wineries that focus on their responsibilities to their workers, communities, and the environment. Our wineries uphold high standards in all aspects of the wine trade. From how they treat their employees, to the juice they put in the bottles, to the land they live and work on, our wineries consistently exceed expectations and deliver great wine in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

We invite you to taste South Africa!

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